My Niece's Birthday Surprise

It seems to be a right of passage for a little girl to request a pony from her parents, and admittedly the majority of said little girls never actually receive the pony. My niece was gifted her first pony at one years old— that’s right we started spoiling her young!

So it never truly crossed her mind to request a pony for the pivotal 5th birthday which in my family is when the request seems most frequently made. However, her first pony is experiencing health problems and if we can’t help with her pain will be released to the rainbow bridge for her sake though we are trying everything to get her in better health.

Therefore for my nieces exciting 5th birthday she received her second pony. A little paint mare who is solid and sound to the point when she ponyed an 80 year old on her back and is cart trained— which is exciting if the car ever breaks down!

Check out photos from my nieces birthday party and getting her new pony Cupcake.