I can not believe a month has passed since my last post! Honestly, so much has been going on I simply didn't have the time to write, and update. 

I have been busy prepping my business for the Hoosier Horse Fair and Expo as well as preparing graphic work for clients in forms of business cards, brochures, banners, really you name it and I think I created it... Oh yeah I even made my first gif- it is basic but hey I am proud of it!


I have also been in travel and photo-shoot mode. I have had back to back to back shoots which have had me in Columbus, OH and Pigeon Forge, TN.  I made a weekend with friends down in Tn, and photographed a lot of performers I have had the pleasure of meeting and following for a few years now. 


Roman Riding

Gator jumping through the hoop of fire, live during Dolly's Stampede

In addition, while I was South I was blessed to take some super creative, beautiful images for a highly talented magician. It truly was magical for me and one day I hope to share a few of the images with you all :)

In addition, I had a meeting with a modeling agency in Columbus, OH and performed a test shoot for them so perhaps in the future I will be working with some of their talent. (Exciting things!)

But perhaps the coolest highlight of the start of March has been photographing young Ms. Eme whom is learning to trick ride, is beautiful, and inspiring-- like seriously wish I had her guts at 7!!!

Eme Poster.jpg

March has been full of finishing edits, and final prep for Shipshewanna which will be 30-31st. Then the following weekend Exposure One Studios will have a booth set up and be in attendance at Hoosier Horse Fair and Expo! So come on out and say hi, I will be taking bookings and offering special deals ;)