Amazing Moments

I think as a photographer when one thinks of amazing moments they think of the time they have stopped in a photograph. For me at first the was definitely the thought I had but over the years I have discovered some of the most amazing moments have been being approached to photograph something and then seeing images go live.

I am of course talking commercially in a sense as I have grown from rodeo to photographing performers and shows both to preserve what is happening but also aid in marketing. The thrills from seeing posters printed and kids happy to receive them to social media ads, and billboards has been a definite bump for me in drive. However as my clients grow and become bigger entities the thrill isn’t just from the capture but to seeing my work go live.

And much of that is because it is a waiting game. It can take quite a while to see images put to work. A part of photography is that instant gratification in creation and boy does anticipation build when you know shoots that happened but have to hold on for a while before sharing publicly.

I have had many amazing experiences as a photographer and these last two weeks have been a bit of an overload on seeing my work shared publicly. It is always a surprise for me, I am not told in advanced which adds to that feeling of amazement— I truly love watching how my images are used :)

Of course besides the behind the scenes captures above Dolly’s Stampede released a photo I took in 2018 of their live show this past Friday. Definitely another amazing moment and highlight in my career.


Also please excuse the quality these aren’t original images rather the screen shots from facebook.