Seeing Change

I recently applied for a photography job that entailed shooting something I haven't photographed in a few years - 2 almost 3. So I was looking though my old files, seeing the work from then and the only thought in my head is, 'I can't believe I gave these to my client.'

It isn't that they are bad, back then it was among my better/best work but I have grown and developed so much in years since that I can see the growth and to me those photographs no longer qualify as better or best. Mediocre is more along the lines of what I am seeing.

I would relish a chance to one day reshoot those images, do more even but it seems far from likely unless the client wants to update headshots and their website again. (Since they hadn't updated for many years before I was elected to help, I may be waiting a long while.)

Being in a reflective mood, applying for an advanced shooting job, and searching my archives opened my eyes to allow me to see my growth and while I cringe at where I came from it is true that one must practice often to become good at their craft.

In photography they say your first 10,000 images are your worst. When I started, I had several moments of quick- lucky- success, and didn't see most of my images for the duds they really were. I am thankful, grateful, and proud of were I am at now in my career and can only hope I continue to progress each and everyday doing something that I truly love.