iPhone Photography Like A Pro

As a photographer we are expected and usually visualized as carting around a large body, bag with lens, among the tripods and flashes that help make the magic. However there is a subset that uses smaller technology or those like me who when out and about on a regular non-working day use smaller devices for fun and ease.

My chosen device is my iPhone X which I became a return convert to in August of 2018 after abandoning them for Android in 2013. I love both systems, however Apple has always been reliable for me and with my plethora of I-devices it is much easier to sync my information making the iPhone my baby. So I use my iPhone to shoot non-professional gigs or unique moments when out and about.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Landscapes and Panoramic Mode:

Landscape photography can be a real blessing, a great stress relief and create absolute beauty. Panoramic mode of the iPhone can truly help capture that moment— especially if you have your professional body with you and want something greater than a wide angle lens can offer, as was the case when I was in Glacier Bay, Alaska.


2. Don’t Be Shy… Use The Editing Tool:

Your photos are not always going to be 100% right at the click. Remember zooming in to get the shot creates noise so crop don’t zoom. Then make use of the lighting adjustment tools, exposure, contrast, brightness, and black point. You can really make your work pop!


3. Don’t Be Scare of Close-ups & Flash!

Macro photography can be fun and yield incredible results, the iPhone allows great up close access to capture all the detail to really make an image pop. Added bonus in bright daylight you can control light and background appearance using the on phone flash. The above tulip image was photographed around 1 pm with the on phone flash, besides a wee bit of contrast adjustment and crop it is true to capture.


4. Take Advantage of The Portrait Option:

Take advantage of the portrait option for your portraits or selfies. It is a helpful tool for a softer background and it really helps in framing how you want your portrait to look. I particularly love the ability to tell it studio light which add some needed lighting element if not present in the area you are photographing.


5. Take Advantage of Unique Situations:

There will be times when the phone is the best option for a rare and unexpected photograph. Or when having that professional body out just isn’t going to work— yes for me it was when I was flying over a city I love (Pittsburgh, Pa) and had the opportunity to capture it in a different perspective my iPhone was my only option at this time.

Trust your instincts, ability to compose, and vision. Truly amazing images can be captured with phones. I have even placed 12th in international competitions with my iPhone photography. In this day in age it doesn’t matter what camera you use but rather how you use it.