Making Art

So much of my craft is spent creating the work others dream of that when it comes to making images just for me that I choose to share with the world that I consider them art. Usually I take these images as a stress relief, I don’t even tote out my professional camera gear rather whip out whatever phone I own at the time.

Of course this lead me to discover a hidden talent photographing flowers of all things with a phone. I enjoy the challenge of the singular lens, and the inability to drastically change the settings in the phones camera like I can my professional body. It makes it sweeter to achieve such fun results.

The last week of August, before heading out for a wedding session I was ‘stress’ shooting in the yard— my mothers rose bush to be exact and created a piece of art I have awaited all year.

Red Rose 1.jpg

I have a goal for my self to create one image that is captivating and speaks for itself and then enter it into a few photographic competitions. For fun mostly, but I am always intrigued as to how I will fair against others from all walks of life with different visions and incredible talent.

A couple years ago my image of a pink tulip— again a cell phone capture— got an honorable mention in the IPA (International Photography Competition) it was just shy of placing in the top 10 images in the nature category. I was pleased with this accomplishment so now to see how the above rose competes.

Pink Tulip.jpg

Sadly the rose will not compete in the same competition as the tulip before it— I didn’t create the image until after the deadline. But it will compete in a competition pure for plant life, gardens, and landscapes.

So fingers crossed.