A Model in Us All

In all professions we see the people we service in varying lights, client, customer, patient, nuance and so on. As a photographer so many times I catch myself thinking of them as clients, I describe them to others with the moniker client yet in many, many ways everyone before my camera I see more as a model.

I feel there is a little model in us all. We all want to look and appear our best, to be desirable, and have the image of ourselves reflect the beauty, or masculinity within. While in my contracts and even day to day verbiage I do not refer to those I work with as a photographer as models the truth is that is how I see them during my shoots be they weddings, marketing, boudoir, or actually modeling.

I think so technically in my own head durning a shoot that I feel I sometimes am quieter than people anticipate but I have found it is my process. I am running a small operation with me, myself, and I. No assistants to move my lights, no wardrobe and so on. While those be nice because who wouldn’t want to be in a place where that was an option I am a control person. I like hands on and moving through my craft, learning and creating.

Yes, that means longer shoots, arriving earlier, knowing light, angles, and so much more but in the end it allows me to create though I won’t say the instances I have been in the position to take advantage of lighting and tech teams or even special effects have been horrible I loved those as much as if I was doing it myself.

I am sure you are wondering what brought this topic on? Well I was reflecting on my latest shoot before vacation- odd time for vacation I know, busy season but it couldn’t be helped — stay tuned for why in a few weeks ;). I was working with a friend and her partner taking beautiful images ranging from couple to fine art nudes. It was a glorious time of creation and creativity working with two lovely, lovely souls.

I have always dreamed of testing the waters on these types of shoots. It is risqué, empowering, and can totally produce a thing of beauty. I was honored that my friends trusted me enough, felt comfortable enough to do such a shoot with myself.

Below you will find some of the images from the shoot, however I am waiting to release others as i go for artistic purposes ;)

Those interested in booking a session please reach me via the contact section of my website.