New Offering For Equestrian Clients

I have been batting around a new offering for my business and thinking over the clientele I service and interact with most often. Namely equestrians or performers who utilize equine companions. So I decided to develop a special package for them for their business/ performance needs.

Any good business needs marketing material. That visual pop to push services or messages further. I am here to offer that in both photography and graphic design.

Equestrian Marketing Bundle: $550

On Location Photography | 1-3 Horses | Both Action and Portraiture (25-50 images) | Online digital Gallery| Full Downloads | Marketing Specific Release for 1 years full marketing use.

Equestrian Pro Bundle: $1200

On Location Photography | 1-6 Horses | Action and Portraiture (25-100 images) | Online Digital Gallery | Full Downloads | 1-2 Graphic Design social media or print posters (customization with client input) | Marketing Specific Release for 2 years full marketing use.