Seeing is Everything

In photography seeing is everything. Photography is far more than capturing the ordinary it is about capturing a moment that otherwise is forever lost. It is given meaning by those who look at it and find meaning in it even if that meaning differs from the photographers who in a moment saw something worthy of capture.

Photographers are always on, even when a camera is not affixed in our hand we are seeing, we see the light simmer on clear water, fall through the clouds, and dust the forest path illuminating vegetation for animal life. Light is our greatest friend and in some cases especially when creating a photograph our greatest enemy.

Every person sees differently and how they see things is what makes them unique. As a photographer I see life through a lens, I see the moments of happiness, moments of triumph, and moments of despair. But what brings me joy in the end is taking that and sharing what I have seen with those who willingly put their trust in my hands to capture moments in their lives be it a wedding, birth, birthday, sporting event, or a portrait of the family celebrating another year of love together.