Self Portraits or Selfies?

As a photographer I am not prone to be up front of the camera often. I actually hate being up front of the camera if I am honest. I am too controlling, much too much of a perfectionist to trust someone else to take my photo.

I try I honestly do! I let my mother take my photo in Alaska but that was one, I took the others of myself… control freak I know.


So the question became do I set the camera up and take my own portrait? Or do I Selfie?

Truthfully, there are many occasion I will set the camera on a trip pod, link my phone when I can control the focus, composition, see myself and take my own portraits. Thank god for technology advancements am I right?

But more often than not now I found myself taking a selfie by definition but with more purpose. I am looking for quality and a specific light, composition. I work just as hard taking a selfie as I do taking my own portrait with the camera set up.


Also as a personal preference to the selfie it is ten times easier using my phone to try and get a shot with my dog and myself than my camera. Believe me I tried and just can’t pull off that self portrait with a pet unless someone else is pressing the shutter.


Self Portrait vs Selfie

I say do the one you like that makes you feel confident. Or both like me!