Tackling the Challenge of Daily Instagram Post- Image Selection

For the longest time as a photographer I didn’t utilize the instagram platform, a lot of it was surrounding the terms and conditions of posting. However in recent years, though admittedly late to the party, I have begun using the platform. Perhaps not as frequent at first but now it is a daily or even multiple post a day habit for me.

However, coming up with that kind of content for a daily post can be an epic challenge especially when you find yourself in the “off season”. The past nine months I have been sharing a lot of my rodeo content, from when I first started to the end of my last season images. Sprinkled between those images are other shoots or events I have covered and even personal moments, however of my current 940 posted images most are equine and rodeo related.


How do you take on daily instagram posts?

  1. Make the commitment/ Set the goal- First step is really getting into the right frame of mind. You have to tell yourself this is what you are going to do and commit yourself to actually following through.

  2. Decide on your content- Deciding what you are going to post is the next most crucial step. I personally have thousands of images from rodeos not all of them worthy and many that do not translate well to instagram but I have enough that it was the main choice for me among being one of my specialty areas and something I am working on as a major project in life. So be committed to the content!

  3. Set a post schedule- Try to post your content at set times. As you post more you will see what times followers are more engaged to make adjustments but by getting into the habit of posting at x time you put yourself on a schedule and you aren’t forgetting to post.

  4. Edit your images- Even if you do not have software instagram offers some decent options to make image adjustments so take advantage! I personally steer away from filters but if that’s your thing make use of them!

  5. Creative Captions- Captioning your images is almost as important as the image itself. Creative, engaging and inspirational captions seem to be a major hit. However figuring that content out can be hard as well and I have been known to just describe the image. A caption even descriptive in nature is better than no caption at all.

  6. Hash tags and Tagging- In the world of getting noticed using relevant hash tags or tagging accounts to be seen is important. Mostly for interaction and account growth. Turn this into a part of every post so it becomes a habit will only increase how effective your instagram account is.

  7. Engage of users- Try to set a little time to get on and stay up to date you with your followers and those you follow. Like and comment on their content and use it to become inspired. Sharing the love brings it back to your account ten fold!

I am by no means an expert as I haven’t even been doing daily post for a year yet and yes I have missed a few days or even been late with my posts. That does happen as things come up or there are glitches with technology. But I always make the effort to maintain the schedule I set with myself and I look forward to my posts on instagram as well as my followers reactions. I hope you take away something in my 7 tips to tackling daily instagram posts!

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