Time for a New Direction

I have had a thought in my head for a long, long while in regards to an area of photography that has been a huge part of my life— Rodeo Photography.

For those that have followed my blog, or even my instagram consistently you know that rodeo has been a large part of my photographic career. I have befriended a lot of people, learned to be a photographer in those dusty arena’s, and created work I never truly imagined I would.

If you have purchased my book— Moments of Rodeo, then you know I didn’t aspire to be a rodeo photographer but the challenge and people kept me there year after year. Even as this year started for me it started with a bang because of Rodeo and the equestrian world. Three days into 2019 and I was being interviewed on the Pepper Stewart Show about my rodeo photography and book.

For me that was an amazing experience and one that might not have happened without the connections that brought me to rodeo. Yet even with finishing my rodeo book, releasing it and waiting for 2019 rodeos to start there was the feeling of change in the air for me. A feeling of readiness for my next chapter.


I have been testing out new areas of photography, executing new creative ideas, and finding love for areas with complex lighting and movements. I have been invited to capture special moments and ideas for clients.

The branching out brought new goals and aspirations I didn’t even know I had to light. I love rodeo, I love the people, and I love creating those images but after years of watching my work be stolen, used illegally, of contractors failing to pay invoices for posters and such created the weight of constantly fighting for my due has brought me to a place where other clients appreciation and need for creativity have brought a hope to me I was missing coming into 2019.

I will try to attend local venues for rodeo and equestrian events however for me 2019 will effectivity mark my retirement from this branch of my photography career. It has been a fun ride and I am so excited for my future working in photography. After a decade of rodeo life and completion of my book I can say I did what I set out to do even though I didn’t know it back when I started.

I will finish out the 2019 season, with Belmont County, and Tuscarawas rodeos— in the years to follow I will try to make local venues as my schedule allows but they will no long be my primary focus. I wish the best to my friends, the competitors and everyone in rodeo. It has been quite a ride and this hasn’t been an easy decision but I am ready to travel that new road and see what I capture on camera.


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