Why Photographers Ask Questions

If you have ever hired a photographer they have likely asked a host of questions. This is mainly to figure out what kind of photoshoot you are after, what poses you prefer, even what time of day and location meets your needs.

However, many clients seem fairly resistant to these questions believing the photographer should have all the answer instantaneously... I am here to tell you it just isn't true in nearly all cases unless you are visiting a retail mall studio.

Retail mall studios of course have set the standard for peoples belief that they have no say in their images and flounder when asked basic questions. Mall studios have pre-set backgrounds they have to use, certain poses they must do, pre-set lighting for typical unoriginal imagery, and of course their clients come to them. 

Where as photographers seek to produce images that meet your needs, that are artistic, unique, original, and have collaboration between the two of you. Every thing from location, to lighting, to look, and feel matter to your photographer because we want to produce the best possible images, but not only that we want to create something that you love, and that meets what you want.

Does it mean we ask a plethora of questions which may come off as annoying? Yes. But it is because we care about what we are producing, we care about you, and we care about what you want.

Every person who has ever thought about hiring a photographer has imagined what they would like the images to look like and that is why us photographers ask questions because we know you have a vision. 

Imperative photographer questions:

  1. What type of photoshoot do you require? (i.e. family, newborn, senior portraits?)
  2. Are you seeking studio or on location images?
  3. IF on location what is your vision, or theme if you will? (i.e. country, urban, lakeside, adventurous?)
  4. When are you looking to have these done?
  5. How many outfits will you have, or do you need styling help?
  6. What format are you after prints or digital?
  7. How many people will be in the photographs?
  8. Is there anything special you wish to have photographed or any special must have poses?

While this isn't a full list, it is general and covers several points. Generally as a photographer has a conversation with you the questions will be more tailored to your responses enabling us to set up your ideal shoot. 

So please answer questions we ask honestly, and in a timely manner. Many times we photographers get last minute rush requests for images needed ASAP but when we start asking questions you get aggravated or do not respond. We can not do our job to the best of our ability without some information to go on, so help us out even if it seems tedious to you.